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Normally, on Sunday night I write a recap and dissect the game, pick some players that I thought stood out, and the ones I thought could do better... But after the display today what's the point? We all know what happened.

Today's game went from one of the top 5 Eagles wins in the past 5 years to one of the top 5 losses. This is right up the Tampa loss in the NFCCG, the Carolina loss next year, the Dallas loss last year... This is the kind of game that has molded Eagles fans into what they are today. I suffered through those losses and probably became a better fan for it, but this game somehow seemed worse to me than those championship game losses. Those were losses that we thought before the game that the birds were the better team and found out otherwise very soon. This Giants game was different. The Eagles showed they were good enough. They manhandled the Giants and physically dominated them through nearly 3 quarters to a degree I've never seen. 8 sacks? That's unheard of. The offense moved at will. They showed that they were the better team. Then they gave up. They gave it away.

This was a game that saps your passion as a fan. It's hard to look forward to gameday next week. It's a bummer to go to work tommorow. You start to wonder if the team is going to stop caring and quit, should you? Can you?

In the grand scheme of things it was one loss, I know that. The difference is that last year one loss could be blamed on injury. In years' past one loss was just a bump in the road on to a result we all knew was coming. We all knew those Eagles teams for the past 5-6 years were playoff teams. We don't know that about this one. This is one loss that we can't write off due to injury or as a bump in the road. This one loss seemed to say that this team flat out isn't good enough. That's only happened 3 or 4 times in the past few years. This is a feeling usually reserved for a playoff loss.

I'll get into this game early this week. There are some things to look at and discuss and we'll get into that, but for now I'm just going to leave this alone and let it sink in. I wanted badly to sit here at my laptop and start blasting this team and several select players... but what's the point? This was a collapse on all levels, to immediately start pointing fingers one way or another would be to deny the absurdity of the collapse we were all forced to watch today.

Leave me a comment here or on Myspace and just tell me your reaction to what we saw today. Point fingers if you want, talk about it philosophically, curse someone out... do what ever you like. Consider it group therapy.

5 Responses to “Disbelief”

  1. Anonymous Junkdrawerdream 

    I know things didn't immediately go south as soon as Rod Hood got hurt, but you can tell that his loss really affected the Birds. Nothing against Hansen and Wynn, they're fine fourth and fifth corners. But they're just that -- fourth and fifth corners. The defense go really vanilla in the second half, and I can't help but feel that it had something to do with Hood's injury. The Giants had whatever they wanted underneath in the second half. That wasn't the case in the first half. The real shame is that if that is the case then the Eagles could be in some trouble. Good thing the first half of the scheudle still doesn't provide a host of challenges.

    Oh, and Eli still sucks.

  2. Anonymous BrianS 

    I'm almost in shock here. You did a great job of describing this. It just saps me as a fan, makes me feel like my Sunday afternoons might be better spent doing something else -- anything else. I'm an Orioles fan, too, and it's gotten to the point where they're so inept year after year, that I've sort of decided that it's just better than I don't watch them. This loss makes me feel that way about the Eagles, too. Does it speak well of Eagles fans that we keep coming back and coming back, or are we just gluttons for punishment? It's like we should always expect a collapse with this team, because a choke is always around the corner. I sound like a WIP caller now, and I hate that.

    To me, this loss is most analogous to the Dallas loss at home last year, where I was celebrating a terrific, almost certain victory only to see it slip away in the final minutes. How many of these gut-punching losses can 1 fanbase endure, I wonder? What's troubling is that they can win the next two games and we still know nothing more about this team. 10/8 is the season, now. The next chance to prove that they have heart, a pulse, a chance in the NFC East. Lose that and all is lost.

  3. Anonymous maryann 

    Group therapy!!! I love it! great piece

  4. Anonymous George 

    At least we have a ninja on our team.... At least the Patriots fans seem to think so...

  5. Anonymous meanguy 

    I know things didn't immediately go south as soon as Rod Hood got hurt, but you can tell that his loss really affected the Birds.

    you hit on a really important point, i think. the loss of hood really tied JJ's hands and elimininated a lot of his gameplan. once hood left the game, the birds started rolling a safety over to hanson's side of the field. that also reduced the amount of blitzing.

    hood's injury combined with the giants switching to max protect midway through the third gave eli much more time than he had in the first half.

    one question i still have is the d-line got so gassed compared to the giants d-line.

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