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Can the Phils help the Eagles?

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Says Eckel

It's not official, but word is if the Phillies make the National League playoffs -- they went into last night one game behind the Dodgers for the wild-card lead -- the Eagles' games with Dallas this year could be switched.

According to someone with knowledge of the situation, the Phillies could have a home game on Sunday, Oct. 8. That's the same day as the Eagles' scheduled home game with the Cowboys. The Eagles are scheduled to play at Dallas on Christmas night.

Even though the teams no longer share the same stadium, it could cause a logistical nightmare to have a playoff game and the Cowboys game the same day.

In the past the NFL has accommodated Major League Baseball by switching home games when it was appropriate.

And the Phils won another game tonight with Brett Myers throwing a complete game with 12ks... They are now 1/2 game back to the Dodgers who are losing as I write this.

When I read this in the story written by the Eagles' beat reporter "according to someone with knowledge of the situation", I immediately assumed that this is something the Eagles have looked into and are clearly hoping will happen. You can bet if the Phils win the wildcard, the Eagles will lobby hard to get the Oct game switched to Dallas so that they can get the Xmas game in Dallas moved here. We've all been dreading that almost unprecendented 3 game divisional road game stretch... I don't think anyone wouldn't trade an early home game to get one more later in the year, especially to break up that brutal 3 game stretch.

6 Responses to “Can the Phils help the Eagles?”

  1. Anonymous Tim 

    I love your blog. My home town is Altoona PA, 2 hours outside Pittsburgh. I've loved the Eagles for no reason since I was 4 years old, and have been a die-hard fan since. Your blog rocks, and I'll be back every day to check in. I'm in Canada right now, going to school for pastoral ministry just to give you some info about me. I just got my own blog up that involves weekly picks of winners in the NFL. Week 1 I went 11-5, and week 2 the same, so I'm getting pretty good. Check in each week for my picks and for random NFL news of interests.

    P.S. My love for the Eagles is only surpassed by my hatred of the Steelers.

  2. Anonymous Americas Team Sucks 

    Bring it on! Nothing more to piss off some Cowboys fans.

  3. Anonymous Tim 

    I too am an Eagles fan, since I was 4. My love for the Eagles is surpassed only by my hatred of the Steelers. I just got a blog up that deals with my picks for the coming NFL week. I've been 11-5 each week so far. Check it out at and if you're in to politics or spiritual matters check out my other site at

  4. Anonymous BrianS 

    Hey JB, I'm glad you brought this up. I can't help but have mixed feelings about this. Rationally, I know that breaking up that 3-divisional game on the road in December thing would be a huge boost for the Birds, but on the other hand (and it's entirely possible that I'm still just panicked about the Giants' game they just choked away) I really feel like the first game against Dallas is a must win, just because this team needs a divisional, respectable win so badly, and hence to our advantage to keep at the Linc.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure that Dallas is that hostile a place to go and win. I never hear it mentioned with Philly, Arrowhead, the Black Hole, Dawg Pound, etc. Anybody have an opinion on that?

    Whichever game's at the Linc, I'm sure TO will get hit by stuff, unless the 10/8 game stays at the Linc and he wimps out of making the trip. The Eagles are a pretty good road team, and I'm probably making too much of this.

  5. Anonymous Bo 

    Is there an echo in here?

  6. Anonymous Tim 

    I wouldn't worry about the Dallas game. We'll kill them. They are not the offensive juggernaut people think they are, and their defense has big gaping holes.

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