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Andy is getting nuts.. and other notes

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Andy is getting nuts... and I'm kinda liking it. Some interesting stories developed this week about players playing out of position that I found very intruiging. This is stuff we've never seen from Andy and frankly I like it.

First off, Brian Dawkins will be playing linebacker on certain passing downs. Dawkins talked about it in his press conference this week.
"Putting me closer to the line of scrimmage is great because I believe it's going to allow a lot of other guys to free up, because you can't watch me to see if I'm going to come down and blitz, I'm already down there."
It's a pretty interesting prospect that I think was brought on by a few things. For one, we've all seen out linebackers get eaten alive by tight ends. On passing downs, putting Daw
kins in at LB would match up the tight end with a legit cover guy, plus that tight end would likely become responsible for handling Dawkins should he be blitzing on the play, which would neutralize the TE inthe pass game. I also have to assume that ANdy has liked what he's seen from Sean Considine in coverage. More than once this offseason Reid has singled him out for praise, and while he is certainly not hte intimidating hitter Dawkins is... Considine looks to be a very good cover safety, Dawkins is as good as it gets at reading passing lane and getting picks that way but his string suit was never man to man coverage. By having Considine back there on certain passing downs the Eagles may actually be strengthening their pass coverage.

Probably the most bizarre position change is that RB/KR Bruce Perry has been practicing as a DB this week. Perry, who is likely the 5th running back on the roster and is basically here to return kickoffs will serve as the emergency 5th corner. While I highly doubt we'll ever see him take a snap at corner, it's very interesting to see Andy experiment like that.

Combine those odd position switches with the ones we've already seen DE Darren Howard going to DT on passing downs and Center Nick Cole coming on as a fullback in goal line situations... and it should be at least some fun stuff to watch this year.

BTW... The football season officially kicks off tonight with Pittsburgh vs Miami!

Later today or tommorow I'll post my preview of this weekends' Eagles season opener against the Texans.

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