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NFC East is falling apart

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The so called "best division in football" is in rough shape. A look around the news stories this morning shows a bunch of bad news for several of the NFC East teams.

First and foremost is the shoulder injury to Redskins RB Clinton Portis. Considering Portis is the Redskins offense(gaining over 1,500 yds on the ground last year), this is bad news for them. He suffered the injury, which was confirmed by an MRI ina preseason game against the Bengals. So far the only word is that he's out "indefinetly." "Right now, it's tough to say," coach Joe Gibbs said. "Obviously, it's going to be a while."

Second is the major problems going on with the New York Giants. Both Lavar Arrington and Carlos Emmons, their two starting outside LBers, have been injured all preseason and are still not healthy. Those injuries and the loss of Strahan for their first preason game led to thier defense getting shredded by Baltimore.

The biggest and most obvious weakness coming into the season on the Giants is the interior of their defensive line. They lost a quality player in Kendrick Clancy and made no major moves moves to replace him. They instead decided to rely on former 1st round pick(and so far bust) William Joseph, who routinely tends to dissapear in games. The tough NY media and fans are starting to turn on the guy heavily... what's worse is that he's refused to address the media since he was drafted in 03. So fans and media alike have been left wondering who he is and if he has any explanation for his poor play.

In response to the general bad play from his defensive line, coach Tom Coughlin unleashed this gem..
"I will never use that – you know, this guy was here, that guy was there," Coughlin said. "I thought we were soft up front, to be honest with you."
That's right, he calls them soft. Now, maybe he thinks this will motivate his team? Not quite, they've already fired back at him. Pro Bowl DE Osi Umenyora came out against Coughlin in an article in the NY Daily news today after a team meeting where Coughlin reportedly blasted the defensive line.
"Obviously, I'm the worst defensive end in all of football after hearing the comments that were made in there," he said. "At this point in my career I feel like I know when I made a mistake. There's nothing a coach can say to me that I haven't said to myself 10 times already. As soon as I mess up, I know. So you don't have to do that to me."
Bad news for all of them... good news for the Eagles.

7 Responses to “NFC East is falling apart”

  1. Anonymous Jeff (Charlotte, NC) 

    And of course there is the running saga that is T.O. in Dallas. It wlill be comforting to watch Owens drive a wedge through the Cowboys. Parcells wanted no part of him before the season and it is obvious that he is still not happy about the situation. He won't practice, he is still creating a public spectacle (with his Discovery jersey & biking helmet), and making numerous all sounds very familar. Fortunately, it is not occuring on our watch this time. We can only hope he has the same effect on them this season as he had on us last year.

  2. Anonymous Brian 

    I don't think TO can drive a wedge through the Cowboys since it doesn't seem like he's even bonded with any of them. I suspect they all might just hate/dispise him. Parcells seems fed up, but can't say anything because he might hurt TO's fragile ego. I've got to say, as a Philly fan, I'm really enjoying this!

  3. Anonymous Zach 

    when i read this it makes it seem like each team got worse instead of better and that is spectacular news for my team in Philly who don't have any problems so far.

  4. Anonymous Todd 

    I heard Bledsoe broke a nail...does that count?

  5. Anonymous Jeff (Charlotte, NC) 

    I'm not sure about the Eagles not having ANY problems. As always, we have issues at WR, RB, Center, WIL, and SAM. I'm hoping as much as the next guy that Baskett & Brown end up being the best one-two punch since Ricky Bobby & Cal Naughton, Jr., but they have a long way to go. I remember thinking how Chris T. Jones was going to be our answer at WR for years to come. Unfortunately, that didn't exactly come to fruition. Let's hope they're both better than ChrisTy. Pinkston's achilles heels are a big problem too. Say what you want about him, and I've said plenty, he extends the field and gives us a deep threat (at least until a safety gets within 20 yards of him). Without a speedster, it's going to be difficult for the slower WRs to get open. The Westbrook injury is also a problem. Right now, they're painting it as a mild sprain and nothing serious. Didn't they say the same thing about Donovan last year? I feel like Andy is from the same vein as Bob Clark in that he's never going to give you the complete truth. I'll be convinced that it's not serious when I see him out on the field taking another screen pass out of the backfield for a 25 yard gain. Jamaal Jackson also worries me a bit. I can understand wanting to get Bentley during the off-season since he's the best center in the NFL, but why did they express such a concern over the position. Hopefully, he will keep progressing become a good player and make everyone forget about losing out on Bentley, but I'm still a little scared of the push up the middle. Finally the LBs are a serious problem. Matt McCoy sucks. He's undersized and not smart. He plays too much off of instinct and doesn't use his hands effectively to shed blocks. He was able to overcome these deficiencies at SDSU where the competition is limited. I can't see him succeeding in the NFL, however, especially in JJ's system. Hopefully, Gocong doesn't fall victim to the same shortcomings (except for intelligence) if/when he adapts at LB. Barber will be starting here by the SF game at the latest. Unfortunately, the other side isn't much better with Dhani. As everyone knows, he had a TERRIBLE season last year and isn't looking much better this year. To compound that, Greg Richmond doesn't exactly make me feel much better. Obviously, we have some big issues to overcome this year. We have a talented team with some shortcomings in key areas. Let's hope the new guys (Bunkley, Howard, Justice) make a difference and the others step it up to the next level.

  6. Anonymous Conor 

    Good news, but we still have three more preseason games to go through before we start saying we're at an advantage

  7. Anonymous JB 

    To Jeff

    I feel the same way you do about the WR. I've been through too many years of great TC reports on Billy McMullen, ChrisTy, Na Brown, Freddie Milons... there's too many to list. I'll believe the likes of Baskett & Avant are the real when I see it. I'm no Pinky fan, we have virtually no veteran experience at WR... not to mention the deep threat like you mentioned. I feel good about Reggie though, He was very good when he made the starting lineup last year and he should continue to grow

    I have to disagree with your asessment on Matt McCoy. I think the guy is a player. I love his motor and I see him as a ballhawk. I saw him around the ball constantly in the two preaseason games so far. The guy plays with a ton of energy and I think he's got some good speed. The mechanical stuff like using his hands is going to develop, that can be easily taught. I watched the LBers working on that exact thing yesterday. Playing with passion, attitude, and speed can not be taught. I'm not saying he's the next Lawrence Taylor and I'll reserve final judgement on him until I see him in a real game... but so far I'm encouraged with what I see.

    I also think Jamaal Jackson is the real deal. This guy is a road grader and he does not alow the push up the middle like honeybuns did. That was an obvious difference in the 2nd half of last year. He is much better playing with a tackle over him and has shown more ability to stop that one gap rush than Hank ever did. Plus, I wouldn't read too much into the Bentley move. For one, we know Andy loves to throw big money at free agents on the LOS, plus Bentley was a pro bowl guard as well. It's entirely possible that Andy wanted Bentley to play left guard so he could move Herremans to his natural position at LT behing Thomas. Remember, this was long before they drafted Winston Justice.

    I share your concerns at SAM. Dhani flat out sucks. Greg Richmond is out for the year so he's out of the mix. As far as Gocong, don't look for anything this year. It was going to be a stretch for a kid drafted out of division 1AA to learn a brand new position and start in year one in the NFL. Now that he missed so much camp due to injury he's too far behind. Look for him to play special teams and maybe get a rare snap in an obvious pass rush situation. Plus, we all have heard the stories how tough Jim Johnson's system is for rookie LBers to learn. I'm looking for him to get that starting job next year.

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