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The End of an Era

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An era, albeit of mediocrity, ended today as the Eagles announced that they've cut Koy Detmer and Todd Pinkston. They also brought back former backup/3rd string wunderkind AJ Feeley...

Since being drafted in 200 with the Eagles 1st round pick we've marveled at how a man with the body of Nicole Ritchie could last year after year in the NFL... but he has. Through his infamous alligator arms incident in Washington, years of Michael Irvin calling him "Todd Stinkston" on ESPN, being bullied by Ricky Manning Jr in the NFCCG, and through years of jeers from Eagles fans Todd Pinkston has hung around. And to be fair he's given us great moments. Despite his toothpick frame, he'd only missed 2 games in his whole career before last year. Of course, he did as good a job avoiding injury causing contact... Despite all Pinky's shortcomings I'll never forget his catch in the superbowl, and I'll look back fondly on all the pass interference penalties he drew... His career isn't over though, and Im sure we'll see him turn up at some point this season with someone else(probably the Vikings).

Of course, then there was Koy. The man who made field goal holder an actual position in the NFL. I'll admit, Koy has long been one of my favorite Eagles. From his disturbing neckbeard, to his infamous "Spankin' it" celebration, to his heroic performance that Monday night against San Francisco... In fact, I've always told people that my dream job was the one held by Koy Detmer. Get paid a good bit of money as a 10 year vet in the NFL to have front row seats to the Eagles and absolutely no pressure or expectations. Over those 10 years Koys has seen scores of better QBs than him signed and drafted to play on this team and new coaches, yet he always managed to keep himself around.

One of my favorite Koy anecdotes was a personal experience I had with him. I was working at an Eagles charity event where the team showed up in a bus to help build a playground at an inner city school. The whole team got off the bus and immediately starting working, digging holes, pushing wheelbarrows, mixing concrete... Koy however, decided to come over to the tent of the particular business I was working for to hang out and chat. He came off as a totally cool guy, very regular and personable. At one point as we were talking though, he quickly jumped behind me and ducked his head(I'm 6' tall and 220 lbs... and Koy seemingly disappeared). He told me that Andy looked over and he was worried that the coach would see that he wasn't helping... True story. I've been a huge fan of the guy ever since and always found him to funny and having a good time. Everytime I visited training camp, Koy would always be the guy that turn around to acknowledge the fans and wave hi. He's a guy that truly loved his job... and wouldn't we all? The man dubbed as "the best holder in the NFL" is gone. If/when he is enshrined in Canton for his clearly legendary holding abilities, I'll be there.

So I say a fond farewell to Pinky and Koy. Two guys that have been fixtures at this franchise for a very long time. It'll definitely be very odd to see them not on this team. In fact, I'll probably get a little wistful when I see those skinny little legs of Pinky or that hairy neck or Koy in another uniform. Eagles fans will no longer hear me standing up and yelling "goddamn Todd Pinkston!" anymore. In fact, now that I can't yell at Todd during Eagles games or at David Bell during Phillies games... What will I do?

Good luck guys and welcome back to AJ Feeley.


A video memory of Pinky...

6 Responses to “The End of an Era”

  1. Anonymous Chase 

    That video of Pinkston spelled the end for him in my book. That plus the way Ricky Manning called him out and bascially played him like a grand piano. At least I never have to hear another James Trash or Todd Stinkston joke lol. While I appreciate what Pinkston and Detmer (who was by far a very cool person) did for the organazation while they were here I really do think it was time for a change and I honestly think the Eagles are a better team now, just my 2 cents :)

  2. Anonymous Karen 

    i have been in bed sick all week, sleeping off and on. thanks for letting me know!!

  3. Anonymous Dash054 

    FYI, Pinky was a 2nd round pick in 2000 and not a 1st. Also check out the entry for Todd Pinkston under Wikipedia. Classic. I too lost all respect for Pinkston after attending the Panthers NFC Championship game. I remember watching him walk back to the huddle after one play with his jersey pulled over one shoulder pad and his helmet turned slightly sideways.

    Question for you: Assuming the Eagles carry 6 receivers and that Stallworth, Brown, Avant and Baskett have made the squad, who out of G. Lew., Darnerian and Jabar gets cut. My bet is that Jabar is the one that gets cut. G. Lew. showed something against the Steelers and knows the slot position, and Darnerian brings something to the table for special teams. Any thoughts?

  4. Anonymous JB 

    My guess is that McCants is the odd man out, although I think he's earned a spot over Gaffney, I think the Eagles will take a chance on Gaffney finally learning this offense this year.

  5. Anonymous Trippsix 

    I think i'm going to miss screaming "Dammit DETMER, who the f*ck are you throwing the ball to??"

    Nice write up.

  6. Anonymous Brian 

    My friends and I once asked Koy if he wanted to grab a beer with us after the Eagles carnival at the Vet in 2001. Predictably, he said no, but he always seemed like a cool guy who was a good part of the locker room chemistry. And, we'll always have that game against the 49ers, where Koy surpassed all our hopes and expectations only to get a gross injury of his own. Amazing performance, and I'll never forget how every player from both teams came off their sidelines to wish him well as he was being carted off. Like the obligatory inspirational slow-clap scene from any sports movie.

    Although I wish him well, of course, I can see why the Eagles moved on from Koy, as he's not made much of his opportunities at QB. Garcia is a clear upgrade. My only question is whether the team might have been better off using Koy's roster spot to keep someone else at another position and try to stash Timmy Chang on the practice squad.

    If they're going to sign a 3rd QB, AJ makes sense though. I never thought he was worthy of all the hype he got for his stretch of wins in 2002. Bad opponents and a fearsome Eagles defense bailed him out quite a bit. Some people wanted him to be the starter in 2003 when 5 started out badly. Ridiculous But, he knows the system, has a strong arm, and is returning to the place where he's the most success of anywhere in his careers. He came into a terrible situation in Miami.

    As for Pinky, I'll never forget Ricky Manning Jr, that little turd, embarrassing him in the comference championship. But Pinky stretched the field, made some big catches, and I think did take his fair share of hits. A healthy Pinkston could have helped the Eagles this year. I'm surprised they didn't put him on IR, although if they resign Stallworth, Pinkston would be made redundant next year anyway. I have no ill will toward Pinkston, and hope he catches on somewhere, but he wasn't going to help us in 2006, and I think picking up Stallworth reinforces the team's committment to trying to win now, rather than taking a rebuilding year, but still could be a great long-term acquisition.

    So fare thee well, Koy and Pink, good luck to you and your families in Minnesota or wherever life takes you.

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