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Eagles 20, Browns 7: Can I get a R-B?

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Last night's game was very interesting. A few of the guys who had a tough time in the HoF game bounced back, and a several of the guys who palyed wel against Oakland continued to play well. Although some didn't, and a few serious concerns at skill positions are emerging.

Quote of the night: by Jaworski "Put the ball in the Baskett". His new plan for the Eagles offense to utilize Hank Baskett.

Stat of the night: On the ETN broadcast, they said that 19 or 20 of the projected starters on the Eagles are homegrown Eagles draft picks. Compare that to the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys who project to start 12, 10, and 7 former draft picks repectively. The prospect of Dallas only starting 7 former picks is an embrassment, that's not how you build a winning football team.

Let's get to some game thoughts

  • Reno Mahe is not a starting RB or even suitable backup. The offense did not run the ball nearly as effectively as they did against Oakland and it was obvious to see that Reno simply does not hit holes as quick and decisively as Westbrook or even Moats. Not even close. I have to admit that he has skill catching the ball out of the backfield, but we can never rely on this guy to run the ball with any frequency and expect to win. This team needs another RB. I don't think they need a starter, but they need someone more capable than Mahe.
  • Did anyone find it odd that the Eagles wore white uniforms at home? I don't remember them doing that very often
  • Not only is Baskett ahead of Jabar Gaffney and Greg Lewis on the WR depth chart, so is Jason Avant. That's bad news. The fact that Gaffney and Lewis have done so poorly in camp that this team is forced to start a rookie and an undrafted rookie free agent is bad news. It seems obvious to me that we can not rely on Pinkston, Gaffney and Lewis won't cut it, and we can not expect Baskett and Avant to be starting WRs all year. That's alot to ask of a 1st round pick WR, let alone these guys. Going into the season with your top 3 WRs having a grand total of one half year of starting experience is suicide.
  • Now, it wasn't all bad by any means. McNabb looked crisp again. However, other than the one brilliant 33 yd pass to Baskett on the sideline... #5 wasn't really asked to make many tough throws. Also, his protection from the first team O-Line was very, very good.
  • I can't ignore Hank Baskett anymore. I'm still not comfortable at all with starting him at WR all year, but no one can say this guy doesn't look like an NFL calibre WR right now. Unlike Blly McMullen, Bskett has size and uses it. He has good hands and clearly gives maximum effort. I honestly think that not getting drafted was the greatest thing that ever happened to this kid. I can't say that he wouldn't have given this effort if he was drafted, but he is clearly playing a like a guy that is desperate to make the team and that's encouraging to see.
  • Michael Lewis was very active as was Matt McCoy(again). Both of those guys seemed to be around the ball every play. McCoy showed more of his incredibly high motor and Mike Lewis was just playing mean.
  • The starting defensive line brought pressure constantly. They really seem to be as scary as advertised. So far, the real star of the line is clearly Darren Howard.
  • LJ Smith was absolutely abused trying to block. He looked good out catching balls and running after the catch, but he was pushed around several times in run blocking.
  • Spadaro eating ice cream on the sideline was maybe the lamest on air plug I've ever seen. Just cut to an Eagles ice cream commercial and don't force the guy to do stuff like that.
  • Jeff Garcia deserves praise. He had a tough time in the Raiders game, but really bounced back with a solid performance
  • Bunkley came in and nearly got a sack on his 3rd play... Not bad. Hopefully he gets in full football shape soon
  • The Jerome McDougle sack was a great moment. He owned the tackle he was against, lowered his should and ran right around the guy. The crowd gave him a great cheer and the whole team was clearly very excited for the guy. Kearse was on the sidelines with McDougle after the play for several minutes jumping around and congratulating him. It was nice to see guys acting like teammates and being happy that another guy made a good play... Rather then a guy complaing he didn't catch the first down that the QB just threw...
  • Jeremy Bloom was in commercials during both this game and the last... yet has not been in an actual game yet.
  • JR Reed again played very well at safety, although no longer looks like he can be an effective returner.
  • The NFL network did an odd thing at halftime of their game reply. The game started with the Eagles television network coverage of the game, but at halftime swtiched to the local Browns' coverage
My stock up/stock down

Up - Garcia, Mike Lewis, Gaither, Baskett, McDougle, Lajuan Ramsey, Reed

Down - Mahe, William Thomas, LJ, Gaffney, Greg Lewis

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