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Some playoff trends

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So as we continue in the doldrums of the NFL offseason, I decided it would be a nice time to quickly discuss some playoff trends.

Since this is the boring time of year and it's tough for football writers to find things to write about... It not unexpected that they start to roll out their brilliant preason predictions. For the moment I'll ignore how pointless it is to make pics this far before the season in the NFL... If you look at the vast majority of picks out there, the so called experts have really gone out on a limb and picked the NFL to shake out almost exactly like it did last year, which as you may well know is probably less likely to happen than picking all teams that missed the playoffs...

I figured that I'd post a great post someone made on an Eagles message board about this subject. If I remembered who it was I'd give them credit, because it's a great little tidbit

Since 2000, no conference has had more than four playoff teams repeat from one season to the next. Four of these 12 times, two or fewer teams repeated. Three teams repeated five times. Picking even five teams to repeat in a conference's playoffs means you're ignoring every trend from the past six years.

Only one team that made the NFC playoffs in 2004 made them in 2005.

So why have guys like Peter King picked Seattle, Carolina, Dallas, & Tampa Bay in the NFC? 2 of the 4 teams that already made it last year and one 9-7 team? Because it's easy and they need something to write about. I hear alot of Eagles fans freaking out because they don't see the Eagles being picked to make the playoffs this year... No need to panic. These were the same writers that were picking the Eagles to go 12-4 last year and repeat as NFC champs.

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