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Mission Statement: I'm an Eagles fan

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I'm an Eagles fan. Now, that usually means I predict that the Eagles will lose every season, everything they do is wrong, I can't understand why the Raiders wouldn't trade us Randy Moss for Hollis Thomas, I can't pronounce the easiest of sports names, and I think being a Cowboy fan is just a notch above being in Al-Qaeda.

None of those things are true. Growing up the Delaware valley and being around Eagles fans my whole life has taught me that they can be... slightly unreasonable. They are the greatest fans in all of sports, but they are also the most bipolar. On one side there's the group that Gary Cobb so brilliantly named "Negadelphia". Clearly the largest segment of fans, the Negadelphians have been formed by years and years of let downs and losses. I can't say I blame these people for the way they are... after all how many Norman Bramans & NFC Champ game vs Tampas can one take before they get cynical. However, these people all often cross the line from skpetical to just plain ridiculous. Our players all suck and every one elses' are great. The Eagles will lose every game. Fire this guy, sign that guy! Blah Blah Blah...

Then there's the normal diluted fan that every team has that worships everything they do. They see their teams' garbage and think everyone wants it.

The Truth lies somewhere between these people.

My quest with this blog is to go out and collect the stories, the stats, and the perspectives on the Eagles and their players so they don't have to. I want to find the truth in the moves the Eagles make. The fact is that not every player on our team sucks or was snubbed for the pro bowl. Not every move the team makes is cheap and not every draft pick will be a future hall of famer. There are truths in football and my job is to bring them to you.

Feel free to call me an idiot.

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  1. Blogger spensaa 

    Idiot. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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