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Just how good is Reggie Brown?

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As you may have heard... we lost a certain WR a few weeks ago. This event has only served to escalate possibly the biggest obsession Eagles fans suffer from, the Wide Receiver obsession! Yes, we've had one or two good ones in our time. Harold Carmichael, Mike Quick, ummm... Well maybe not. So when TO came here, he answered the prayers Eagles fans have had for years. A #1 WR!

Now he's gone.

But alas! Through the ashes Reggie Brown comes into the picture last year. He may be the first Andy Reid WR draft pick to actually look like he could be something. He may be the first Eagles WR draft pick in 20+ years to look like he could be something...

So, how good is Reggie Brown?

In the opinion of many NFL experts, Reggie Brown had a very good rookie year. 43 Receptions and 4tds. He led rookie WRs in most every category. Now, 43 catches is very nice for a rookie... but that isn't going to replace TO. That isn't going to stike fear in the heart of opponents and draw double coverages. Or is it? Exactly what did his rookie year tell us about what kind of WR he can become?

He had a rookie year on par with alot of guys who are considered top WRs right now. Reggie had 43 rec and 4TDs. Chad Johnson(who he has drawn comparisons to) had 28 catches and 1 TD in his rookie year. TO had 35 rec & 4Tds. Larry Fitzgerald had 58 catches. Steve Smith caught 10 balls. Santana Moss caught 30 balls in his first full year. Holt got 52. Burress caught 22. Hines Ward caught 15 balls. Reggie Wayne got 27. Chris Chambers got 48. Rod Smith caught 6, Jimmy Smith caught 22. These are the most of the top WRs in football right now and Reggie's rookie year was on par or better than nearly all of them. What's even more impressive is that he did in 9 NFL starts, most of which Mike McMahon was at QB.

I've heard Eagles fans out in full force yelling about the aquisitions the Redskins have made at WR and how all those guys are better than Reggie Brown. People seem to swear these moves will win Washington the Super Bowl and leave the Eagles 0-16. Settle down.

Reggie had a better year than Randle El last year(35 rec, 1 TD) and was only a few catches behind David Givens another FA, who he had more TDs than. The other WR the skins got, Lloyd as the 49ers #1 option had almost identical stats(48 rec, 5 TDs) to Reggie who wasn't even starting all year.

Our rookie WR who didn't even start half the year was better than most of the veteran FA's out there and is on pace in his career with most of the best in the business. I honestly think we are seeing the start of something here with Reggie. With McNabb back healthy this year, I personally can't wait to see what this kid does. Get your #86 jersey now, and strap in.

2 Responses to “Just how good is Reggie Brown?”

  1. Anonymous Zero 

    JB, nice site and very good writing.

    I'm not quite ready to endorse Reggie as the next great #1, but I'm certainly hopeful for the benefit of Reggie, the Eagles and Eagle fans. In his sophmore year he may evolve faster if he's given another proven receiver to play with. That's not meant to disrespect Gaffney, but he's also an unknown at this point.

  2. Anonymous Charlie 

    There is no way that anyone is the next Chad Johnson. If you wanna be Chad you gotta sleept at the stadium and eat Big Macks before every game. Why do you think he gets leg cramps every game. Reggie is gonna be really good as long as he works his ass off.I really enjoy reading your blog. It is extremely entertaining. I am adding you to my blogroll. And, I would really appreciate it if you would add me to yours.

    Charlie B.
    MyFantasyBall Blog

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